Ninja, a 3yo Pomeranian was seen for marked hair loss. The hair loss had started after the family had moved house and then his Mum had been away visiting a friend.  Bloodwork had already been done checking for allergies and none were found. He wasn’t itchy but had moderate hair loss over his back legs and tail.  When he was shaved for a desexing procedure the hair had also been very slow to grow back, and the fur over the rest of his body had also been clipped more than 12 months prior and had not yet fully grown back.

Ninja Before - Alopecia Pomeranian hair loss

Ninja was eating a prescription dental dry food diet, a grain-free holistic dry food, and minced chicken plus some snacks.  On examination his coat was found to be very dry and coarse. He was completely bald over the rump area and the base of tail down around his anus and back legs.  His pulse was thin and very difficult to find, suggesting the Chinese diagnosis of Blood deficiency. Blood deficiency is very common in dogs fed processed foods and often manifests as skin or coat issues as the Blood is not strong enough to nourish the skin and fur.

A Chinese herbal powder was prescribed to build Blood, a diet overhaul to support the action required of the herbs was discussed, and krill oil was recommended as an essential fatty acid supplement. A homeopathic remedy was also given. A topical spot-on that delivers essential fats required for the skin as well as essential oils directly where they are needed was also provided.

Within three weeks Ninja’s fur had softened and there was new growth evident over his whole body. He was LOVING his new diet, and would sit and cry with excitement when waiting for his meals. A different homeopathic remedy was given and a conditioner recommended to further nourish and soften his coat.

Ninja after 1 - Alopecia Pomeranian hair loss

At his next recheck one month later his fur quality was vastly improved. The coat under his neck was still sparse and slow to grow and his mid-section continued to be little coarse.  A different Chinese herbal powder was prescribed and the homeopathic remedy was repeated.

Ninja after 2 - Alopecia Pomeranian hair loss

6 weeks later he was looking like a different dog! The Chinese powder was continued for another six weeks and after that could be discontinued as Ninja now had a full, soft coat of hair!

Ninja after 3 - Alopecia Pomeranian hair loss

The difference was remarkable!

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