Molly is an 8yo Maltese/Shih Tzu cross who had suffered from anxiety and chronic allergies most of her life, and had been diligently treated by her regular Vet for an underactive thyroid gland as well as Cushing’s disease (a hormone problem where the adrenal gland is overactive and too much cortisol is secreted).

Molly Rothe - Before 3 - Dog Cushing’s Disease - Adrenal & Thryoid Gland


Despite very careful monitoring throughout the conventional treatment with Trilostane, Molly’s adrenal gland had been damaged by the drug and now was heading towards an Addisonian state where it is underactive. Molly was eating Hill’s Science Diet dry and wet food and was on a thyroid hormone supplement.

Molly Rothe - Before 1 - Dog Cushing’s Disease - Adrenal & Thryoid Gland On presentation, Molly had low energy, she would tire out quickly. She was itchy and would scratch and chew her legs and paws. Her fur was very thin, and her skin was pink all over and severely affected with comedones (like blackheads) right down her trunk and on her belly. She also had crusting ocular discharge. Her belly was a little enlarged with poor muscle tone around her abdomen. Her pulse was deep and weak, suggesting her Life Force was at a low.

Molly Rothe - Before 2 - Dog Cushing’s Disease - Adrenal & Thryoid Gland

Chinese herbs, a herbal antibiotic tincture and a gentle homeopathic remedy that could be given daily were prescribed. A bamboo suit was provided to prevent self-trauma of the skin, and a nourishing conditioner recommended which could be used in between baths to provide some itch relief. And of course, a diet overhaul was discussed!

Molly was checked three weeks later and her skin looked better with some fur regrowth. The comedones were smaller and able to be squeezed out. There was some scale lifting off her skin, which can suggest that the disease is moving outwards. Her abdomen was also less bloated and her eyes were clear of discharge. She was still very itchy and her skin was dry. Her homeopathic remedy was changed and a fatty acid supplement prescribed. Within a couple of weeks her itch was starting to settle.

Molly Rothe - After 2 - Dog Cushing’s Disease - Adrenal & Thryoid Gland

One month later we received this message: “Molly is doing really well and her fur is growing back heaps. She’s still taking the Chinese herbs that you prescribed for her. I’m cooking chicken soup with veggies every week and she loves eating that. She is on a complete natural diet now! I think she is in a good place.”

We saw her again two months later and she had a beautiful full, soft coat with hardly any comedones!

Molly Rothe - After 1 - Dog Cushing’s Disease - Adrenal & Thryoid Gland

She was never able to handle a raw diet, but continues to do well on cooked wholefoods.

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