Marli came to see us as a 6 year old dog for treatment for her long standing skin disease. The conventional treatments of antibiotics and cortisone in tablets and ointments were helping her some but were not curing the problem.

This is how she looked at her first visit. You can see all the hair has gone white and she looks sad and down from continual itching and the cortisone side effects. In this photo you can see the scabs and scale all through her coat.

This is a photo of how her skin goes very red and dry from the allergy.

This photo will give you an idea of the hair loss and the skin reaction.

The main treatment that we used with Marli was a homeopathic medicine called Thuja which is made from a pine tree, as well as some Chinese herbs and medicated baths to ease her itching.

As this medicine was given, her skin allergy began to clear out down to her feet and from there out of her body. Often skin diseases will clear downwards and outwards as the body heals and we often warn owners that the feet will get a bit worse as it moves off the trunk and head.

This photo shows some of the large circular patches that appeared as she was healing.

This may look like a different dog however it is Marli as she has returned to normal.  This took nearly 9 months of dedication and patience, but we now have a much happier and healthier dog, without any drugs!