Daisey presented as a three month old rescue puppy with EXTREME itching and scratching.  According to Dr Renee, Daisey was the itchiest puppy she had ever seen!  The scratching was relentless and Daisey’s skin was pink all over, including her paws, and her fur was sparse.

Itchy Skin Dog Daisey - Before Paws

Daisey was an abandoned dog from far north Qld, who was rescued by an adoption foundation and found her forever home with a loving family based in Brisbane.  She arrived with pink skin, and within a few days turned into a very itchy puppy!

Itchy Skin Dog Daisey - Before Belly

She was seen by her regular Vet in Brisbane who ruled out mites then prescribed cortisone and antibiotics.  Daisey’s family travelled up to see us at The Natural Vets the following day, reluctant to start strong prescription medications.  They were seeking a natural approach and hoping for some rapid relief for their new puppy.

Itchy Skin Dog Daisey - Bamboo Jacket - DuringDaisey hardly stopped scratching in the consult room, and Dr Renee knew that rapid relief was necessary for this sweet girl.  Her diet history was discussed – she had been fed a processed dry food diet (the ‘Dr Chris Brown one from the supermarket’).  She also had a yeast infection in her right ear, which is common in dogs fed processed pet foods that are too high in carbohydrate, as the starch upsets the gut microbial balance and promotes yeast overgrowth.

Twice weekly baths in a natural, itch-relieving shampoo were recommended and a soothing conditioner prescribed for use after and between baths.  Essential oils were added to the shampoo to increase the itch-relieving properties.  A bamboo suit was provided to prevent self-trauma that would further compromise her skin.

Chinese herbs for intense itching were prescribed, as well as a homeopathic remedy that settles down intensely itchy rashes. Daisey’s ears were to be cleaned out daily to relieve the infection building in there, and a complete dietary overhaul was discussed.

Itchy Skin Dog Daisey - After Diet

Daisey needed a fresh, raw, diet made from natural wholefoods to provide her body with the nutrients it needed to build a healthy, happy immune system and skin barrier.

We also took blood for an antibody titre test to check her immune status, hoping that we could avoid further puppy boosters that would likely aggravate her hypersensitivities (her result was normal and no boosters were needed!).

Daisey was a fast responder!  That night she was much more settled, and within 3 days the itch had reduced dramatically.  Within a couple of weeks, the pinkness on her skin had gone and her fur was growing through.

Itchy Skin Dog Daisey - After Famr

Itchy Skin Dog Daisey - After Sunset









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