Bo, a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was presented to an afterhours emergency practice in Brisbane with rapid onset of lethargy and appetite loss.  He was so sleepy it was difficult to rouse him.  A full work-up was done trying to determine the cause of the sudden onset of peculiar symptoms, but no obvious abnormalities were found.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel vet treatment

He was referred for specialist work-up, and a CRI and CSF tap were performed to check for spinal or neurological abnormalities.  Non-infectious meningitis seemed the most likely diagnosis, and Bo was prescribed prednisolone, precautionary antibiotics, and a third drug to hopefully prevent gastric ulceration from the high doses of prednisolone.

As soon as Bo was fit to travel he came to visit us at The Natural Vets.  He had no energy and was hardly interacting.  He was extremely thirsty due to the medications he was on, his pulse quality was poor, and his vital force was extremely low.  At home he was reported to be lethargic, sleepy and slow.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sick bloated

Chinese herbs and a homeopathic remedy were prescribed, and we discussed reducing the prednisolone dose as soon as he was stable on the herbs.  He also started a probiotic, a joint support supplement, and a hair sample was sent for analysis.

We reduced the prednisolone dose within 10 days, and within 3 weeks we were able to halve it.  Bo became much more lively and interactive, and his extreme thirst reduced.  He was seeking cool surfaces, and still seemed a little tired and depressed, and so a different homeopathic remedy was prescribed.  He was started on nutritional supplements and adrenal support based on the results of his hair tissue analysis.  We continued to reduce the prednisolone dose with each improvement.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel thirsty and no hair

Over the subsequent months Bo’s energy levels continued to improve.  He stopped eating bark and dirt which he had always done.  He started a rehab program to rebuild his muscle strength and tone, and he was no longer depressed.  We reduced his pred dose further to alternate day dosing, and about three weeks later he was doing very well.  His strength was returning and he was able to jump onto the couch again.  His thirst had stabilised and he was spending less time sleeping.  His pulse had dramatically improved.

Bo’s strength and vitality continued to improve on the holistic regime with minor adjustments along the way.  He had always had a sensitive gut, and struggled with recurrent bouts of diarrhoea.  A saliva test revealed numerous food reactions and so Bo’s diet was modified based on these results and his stool normalised.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel healthy happy vet

Within 5 months of the initial epiode, Bo’s stools were perfect, his energy and strength were very good, and he was open, friendly and relaxed just like the old Bo!  We stopped the conventional meds at this point and incorporated a second Chinese herbal formula to further strengthen him and stimulate normal hair growth as his coat was still compromised by the prednisolone.

Two months later he developed an ear issue, which we took as a good sign as he was finally throwing some disease outwards!  He was also nibbling at his feet and rubbing his bottom a bit.  His gut was going great, and his strength and condition were back to normal, so much so that rehab could be stopped.  His coat had grown back in with shine and thickness, but his ears were bothering him.  We started a gentle daily dose of a homeopathic remedy that had previously been given which helps ear irritation.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel healthy happy

Bo is continuing to do well, and we are so pleased we were able to support him and his fur family in their quest to return their beloved pooch to a state of robust health and vitality.

The specialist Veterinarian had recommended keeping Bo on prednisolone medication for life to prevent relapse, but in Bo’s case the side effects were extremely detrimental to his health and well-being.  His family’s dedication and commitment to the natural healing process has allowed him to recover to a state of health that is even better than it was before all this started!

Well done Bo & Co!