Read about other pet’s journeys along the Path to Wellness:

Daisey the Itchy Rescue Puppy who was a three month old rescue puppy with EXTREME itching and scratching.

Baxter the Beautiful Black Lab a puppy diagnosed with severe joint disease.

Chi Cha the Akita the female Akita who became suddenly paralysed in both back legs.

Ella the Burmese kitten who decided that the washing machine would be a lovely place to take a nap.

Marli the Itchy Dog treated for her long standing skin disease.

Buddy the Yorkshire Terrier who travelled across hemispheres and then got tick paralysis.

PoppyRose the Painfully Cranky Cat who just needed a thorough dental.

Bo the Very Cavalier Cavalier who had no energy and was hardly interacting.

Louie, a Case for Minimal Vaccines who experienced itchy skin after his adult ‘booster’ vaccination.

Ninja the Furless Pom who was seen for marked hair loss.

Molly & the Benefits of Integrated Veterinary Care who had suffered from anxiety and chronic allergies.

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